We Are One
I like exo so I post a lot of exo stuff, but sometimes I write poems (average), occasionally I post exo scenarios and edits.
I will forever, no matter what, love our duizhang galaxy ge.

Why won’t my followers talk to me? I’m a lonely poop 😶

(Did this even make sense) yes

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140918 real__pcy: 오늘은 사랑하는 우리 아빠의 생신입니다!! 아빠가게 깜짝방문 성공! 생신축하드려요 아빠♥


"I love you."
“What if I got a bowl cut”


It must be a fact of kpop that if you see an idol and you think “omg what a cute lil baby!” then he’s 25 years old and if you think “holy fuck he’s hot as fuck what the fuck” then he’s probably 17.

xiumin nudging luhan so he wouldn’t miss his cue during “baby don’t cry”

things I wanna tell you when I’m drunk because im too much of a pussy when im sober:

I dont fall for just anyone. I’ve been in love once and it took me four years and another boy to get over him. Later it took me four years to get over that boy, even though i never really liked him that much. And now I’m calling you.Isn’t it weird? How you’re always the first person that comes to my mind when I’m drunk, even when I’m sober. My friend says it is starting to become a disease. I don’t know. I just really miss you, and I’m constantly wondering if I’m the only one missing one another. Can you please come and pick me up? I’m drunk and I miss you so much.

kai waving to the fans and then notices the camera and just stares at it. 

baek: what did you write? the thing i would buy?
kris: uh… black soda drink? ahhh!! cola?? haha!

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