We Are One
I like exo so I post a lot of exo stuff, but sometimes I write poems (average), occasionally I post exo scenarios and edits.
I will forever, no matter what, love our duizhang galaxy ge.


can you imagine everyone in exo huddled up together in the living room watching It’s Okay That’s Love while kyungsoo squirms embarrassingly in the middle of them 

140610 SBS MTV The Show - Overdose「Kyungsoo」


Jongin talking about Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo hyung is really sweet. When there are clothes lying around the house he folds them and places them on our beds without us asking him. When Sehunnie says he's hungry Kyungsoo hyung takes food out of the fridge and starts preparing food. Once my mom gave us seafood ingredients and Kyungsoo hyung cooked really well. Kyungsoo is a really good singer but I hope he takes care of his voice condition. I love him.
Kyungsoo talking about Jongin: Kai is hot

oohsehun: 됴~~ 괜찮아사랑이야 수.목 밤10시 기대중!!🙌🙌

exostagram update: kai  (insp)


when kyungsoo meets his jaeyeol senpai in the the toilet 

when jongin catches you staring at him


ohlala Tao~~~ (¬‿¬)

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