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I like exo so I post a lot of exo stuff, but sometimes I write poems (average), occasionally I post exo scenarios and edits.
I will forever, no matter what, love our duizhang galaxy ge.
TAOHUN; Superstar AU
In which Superstar Huang Zitao falls in love with a hot rookie named Oh Sehun

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when someone hotter than you has the same bias image

"10 years ago, the biggest poster in SM building was H.O.T’s. 10 years after, which is today, the biggest poster now is Super Junior’s." - KANGTA



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talking to someone and they go offline straight away


The fact that we go to the same school makes it a little harder to forget.
The fact that we walk past eachother without saying hi makes it a little harder to not talk to you.
The fact that I always think you’re looking my way makes it a little harder to pretend this is okay.


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sehun’s face when he sees competition

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